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Welcome to Riëd B.V. With customers in more than 105 countries all over the world, Riëd has grown to be one of the biggest supplier of structural adhesives. Products developed and supplied to OEM specifications.

Problem solving solutions for adhesives – that is our business
Riëd: developer, producer, supplier and trainer, all in one. One contact for all your challenges in the automotive and Industrial  production.

Riëd: a distributor of the premium brand Pliogrip®
Pliogrip® Structural Adhesives are developed under the highest specifications for the OEM. Used worldwide by many OEMs, and with a global reputation for its high quality and strength.

Leader by innovative versatility
In addition to the Pliogrip®, Riëd is also globally respected for its 2K-PU for plastic repair and bonding, Epoxy for the metal bonding, MS Polymer, MMA, 1K-PU, and Cyanoacrylates. Please refer to our website for further information.

Profi in Private Label
Would you prefer a private label? No problem, Riëd belongs to one of the biggest suppliers of Structural adhesives for Private labelling. With our expertise and own production, we can supply you with any desired label.


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