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Environmental awareness is embedded in all echelons of Riëd B.V.

Any technical improvement or innovation of Riëd B.V. products must meet the highest environmental standards. This guarantees that you are doing business with Riëd B.V. in a responsible way that better protects man and nature. A responsible approach to the environment is firmly embedded in our corporate culture. Every step we take in this crucial process is considered carefully.

We are not only working to improve the sustainability of the raw materials used in the adhesives, but also focussing on a sustainable future as part ofthe production process and considering the environment in the development of new products.

Therefore, we proudly present our innovate Savemix®! This is the shortest mixer tip for two-component adhesives in the world, with various advantages for the environment such as:

• Patented design that minimizes waste.
• Reduces residue by up to 50%.
• Fewer disposal costs, thus reducing environmental pollution.

We also use sustainable packaging for our adhesive products, including biodegradable bags. Sustainable packaging offers the following three major benefits:

• They are made of renewable material, using residual flows  whenever possible.
• The production of biodegradable packaging material significantly reduces CO2 emissions.
• Sustainable packaging can be composted, which results in a natural recycling effect.


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